Before and After Gallery

Brayden started orthodontic treatment with lower crowding and a narrow upper arch. Brayden was a great patient and we were able to complete his whole treatment in 18 months! This is how efficient orthodontics can be with great patient cooperation.
Great job, Brayden!

Yes! Adults can have braces too! Donna came to our office because she did not like her smile and finally wanted to correct it now that her children were grown. She opted to have clear brackets on her upper teeth to make the braces less noticeable.

As with most adult patients, Donna was an excellent patient and did great with her hygiene and rubber bands throughout treatment. A combination of good orthodontic care and a conscientious patient usually results in a beautiful finish like Donna’s.

Thanks Donna! Enjoy your new smile!

Nathan came to our office with crowded teeth and a deep bite. Once we straightened his teeth and leveled out his arches, he was a “champion” at wearing his rubber bands to correct his bite. Consequently, we were able to complete his case in only 18 months!
Well done Nathan! Good luck at college!

Deep Bite

In an ideal bite, the upper front teeth should overlap the lower front teeth by about 2mm. Brooke presented to our office with an overlap of 6-7mm. By intruding her upper front teeth while straightening all of her teeth, we achieved a great result and were able to take some of the “gumminess” out of her smile.
Thanks for being such a great patient, Brooke! Your hard work really paid off!

Excessive Overjet and Overbite

Seth came to our practice with protrusive upper front teeth, a deep bite and a fear of dentists. He quickly became comfortable with our friendly office staff and became a great patient with a beautiful result.
Congratulations Seth! We miss seeing you at our office as often as we were!

Excess Spacing

While many patients who come to our office have overcrowding of their teeth, Matt came to our office with extra space between all of his teeth.
In Matt’s case, we were not able to close all of the space is his upper arch with braces. His general dentist made two of the upper teeth larger to complete his smile.
Congratulations on the nice result, Matt!!


Spacing and Protrusion

Bryce came to our office with extra space between his upper teeth and protrusive teeth as well. Using a special appliance called a Forsus appliance, we were able to get an excellent correction of his bite without headgear!
Nice smile Bryce! Good luck in college!



Debbie came to our office because she did not like the way her front teeth overlapped. She was treated with Invisalign and, as you can see, she got an excellent result!
Although Invisalign can not be used to treat all orthodontic problems, it is a great treatment option for the right type of patient.
Great smile, Debbie! You were such a fun patient to work with!