Smile Cents

smile-centsReceive 2 smile cents (wooden nickels) for each visit the patient has and exchange them for gift cards!!

One smile cent is for good cooperation with appliances and arriving on time.  The second smile cent is for brushing well and keeping the appliances clean.  Once the patient has collected 10 smile cents, they can turn them in at the front desk for a $5 gift card to local businesses in the community including Culver’s, Starbucks, Buffalo WIld Wings, Kohl’s, Shopko, Walmart and Sussex Bowl.


If a patient prefers, they can donate their Smile Cents to the Sussex Food Pantry.  For each Smile Cent donated, Dr Ostdick will donate 50 cents to the food pantry.


Once you are a patient at Advanced Orthodontics, you are eligible to enter all of our current contests.  The contests change approximately every three months.  Some of our past prizes have included gift packages to:

Adventure Rock

Adventure Rock

Marcus Theaters

Sunburst Ski Area

Sunburst Ski Area

Adventure Rock, Marcus Theaters and Sunburst Ski Area and other attractions.

–  Family size gift certificates to local restaurants

–  I-pads, Kindles, Dre Beats Headphones and other electronics.

Be sure to enter the contest at each appointment!


If you are selected as a contest winner, you will be notified by our office after the drawing.

Good Luck!

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